Hello, my name is Sandra,

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There was sexual, emotional and physical abuse.

I’m going to tell you a little about me and my story. I have been through every kind of abuse you can think of; you name it, I have been through it. My abuse started as early as 5 years old and lasted until I was a young adult.  There was sexual, emotional and physical abuse. 

Family members and my teachers abused me but, worst of all, my own mother abused me too.

For my mother, school was not important.

My mother was more concerned about me taking care of my younger brothers and sisters than she was about me attending school. I would cry because I wanted to go to school, but she would whip me and tell me the reason that I was crying was because I didn’t love my brothers and sisters. She whipped me so hard sometimes that my skin bruised and hurt for days.

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My own family member tried to rape me.

There was also a family member who tried to rape me three times. The last time, I was 13 years old and was aware of what was happening to me. I screamed, ‘Rape!’, but my mother hit me across the face and told me to shut up, she said I brought disgrace to her house.


Because of my bad situation at home, I run away. I was forced into marriage!

At 18 years of age, I was blessed with two children, both of them fathered by the husband who I was forced to marry. Unfortunately, during our marriage, the physical and sexual abuse did not stop.

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God’s wisdom is vastly superior to human wisdom.

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God moves heaven and earth to save sinners who are unable to save themselves.

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God has poured forth his Spirit to enlighten and guide us on the path that leads to him.

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God was always with me!

Through all of this, I must say that God was always with me, even though at the time I was unable to identify his presence.



Sandra Shin


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God Bless

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Mission Statement:

Letting women who have been through abusive situation know that someone who have been through similar situation cares.

With the help and knowledge of the Holy Spirit, I am here to listen and share how God as help me and how he can help you.